Winter Tire Recommendations

As seasons begin to change, it may be time to consider replacing your all-season tires with a set designed for winter conditions. We have five tips on purchasing winter tires, including the right time to install them, which could come sooner than youd think.

1. Look for the three peak mountain snowflake symbol: Winter tires have a logo on them indicating that they have been designed to meet or exceed industry-established severe snow traction performance requirements; in other words, they were made to work on snow and ice.

2. Know when to get your winter tires installed: Paying attention to temperature and weather changes in your area is critical to know when to make the tire swap. When temperatures consistently approach 0 C or freezing, vehicles need the extra grip and turning capabilities that winter tires can deliver. Winter tires feature unique tread compounds, allowing them to retain flexibility in colder temperatures.

3. Know the right tire size for your vehicle: Tire size varies depending on your vehicle’s requirements. The right tire size for your vehicle can be found in two different areas: on the side of the tire, or on a sticker found on your vehicle’s door frame. You are also welcome to stop by Integrity Automotive and have one of our technicians find the right tire size for your vehicle. We are always here to help!

4. Always buy four winter tires: You always need to install four high quality winter tires, not two. Mixing new and used tires with varying wear and tread depth can significantly impact the stability and performance of both your tires and your vehicle. It can also save you money in the long run potentially making your all-season tires/winter tires tread last longer. It’s likely the new set of tires you purchase will last for more than one winter season, giving you an investment for future purposes. On top of that, you are saving your tread on your all-season tires to use for the other seasons of the year giving your more time to maximize their use.

5. Durability and warranty: Generally, a good set of winter tires should give you good traction for at least three seasons, but this varies by make and brand. If you need help finding the best set of tires for your vehicle, don’t hesitate to speak with our service advisor for recommendations.

By on September 10th, 2019 in Auto Repair