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If your car is vibrating or shaking while driving, you’re not alone. It’s actually a pretty common car issue. The shaking could be from multiple sources, so it’s imperative to get your car into Integrity Automotive to have one of our trusted technicians take a look. Let’s learn a little bit more about some potential reasons your car could be shaking.

Here are some of the more common problems:

1. Bent Axle – It doesn’t take a lot to bend an axle, and even the most subtle dent can lead to shaking, which you probably would notice most at high speeds.  If you got into a minor accident, hit a curb, struck a pothole, you could have damaged an axle. Depending on the damage severity, these can either be repaired or may have to be replaced.

2. Brake Issues – If the shaking occurs while braking, you likely have a brake issue. Vibration is usually related to your rotors, but it could be that or even from the pads or calipers. All of these are components of your braking system, which is easily identifiable, if the shaking occurs when you are braking only.

3. Wheel Problems – A wobbly wheel or loose tire can also cause your car to shake. This can occur if your vehicle’s tires are rotated improperly. If they aren’t secured correctly, your car will shake, and for your safety you may want to pull over immediately as this could lead to severe damage or a car accident. If the tires are secure, it could be related to wheel bearings. Wheel bearings are designed to last a long time, but if you’ve driven your car for a long time also, it’s possible that they’ve worn out.

4. Shocks or Struts – Worn or damaged shocks and struts can make tiny bumps in the road feel like huge holes. Drivers with worn shocks report a shaking or bouncing sensation while driving. Again, this problem can be easily diagnosed and fixed by a mechanic rather cheaply.

5. Ball Joints – Your ball joints play a huge role in suspension and steering. The ball joint acts as a pivot between your wheel and suspension. Over time, they can wear down and cause problems with the steering and suspension causing the car to shake.

If you are experiencing any vibrations, shaking, or a rough ride—call Integrity Automotive today to have your steering and suspension in your vehicle checked out. You can also book online! Just simply head to our homepage and use the schedule feature to make your next appointment. Do you need to wait on your car? Just ask for a waiting appointment when you schedule.