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Although they may vary greatly in look, the majority of cars are pretty similar when you look at what makes up the actual vehicle. Because of this, most cars are affected by a lot of the same issues. Today, we take a look at five of the most common reasons your car breaks down.

1. Bad Battery – Batteries aren’t typically an issue during the warmer seasons, but most people have had troubles with their car’s battery at one point or another, especially if you have to park on the street. If your car won’t start, it may be a battery issue. 

2. Belt Blues – Belts are the muscles of your car, as they make the internal components move. Damaged or broken belts are similar to tearing your hamstring – it really hampers your ability to move. Unlike muscles, belts won’t get better with rest. Like a lot of mechanical issues, it is much preferred to prevent a broken serpentine belt than fix a broken one, especially since a broken belt can cause major engine issues. But this is also a regular preventive maintenance recommendation that Integrity Automotive will give you when the time comes need for it. At every oil change, we look over your belts and hoses to make sure they’re in perfect working order.

3. Broken Brakes – Although you’ll still be able to drive with bad brakes, as you can imagine, it’s not recommended. Extremely worn brake pads or rotors can make it nearly impossible to stop, which can lead to injury or damage. If you hear squealing, rattling, shaking or have problems while braking, bring your car into Integrity Automotive immediately to have one of our certified technicians give it a look over.

4. Shot Starter – If you put the key in your car, turn it and it won’t crank, you may have a problem with your starter. If this happens, try to turn on your car’s interior lights or headlights, as it could be an issue with your battery. If your lights turn on, you know your battery is in good shape, and it’s likely a problem with the starter.

5. Overworked Engine – If your car’s temperature gauge shoots up into the red, your engine may be at risk for overheating. If this happens, turn off the AC and pull over. You don’t want to drive when your engine is at risk for overheating whatsoever. This could lead to serious damage of the engine and a hefty repair bills. You will be wise to tow your car somewhere to have it looked over than to pay to replace your entire engine!