What is Integrity?

What is Integrity?

The general definition of integrity is, “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.” 

To have integrity as an individual, you are transparent and honest in everything you do.  You mean what you say; your word alone is like a promise.  You don’t have to make someone worry about your motives or wonder if there was an underlying intention in your speech.  You don’t use sarcasm as an outlet to express your hidden thoughts and feelings about others.  You choose to live a life of standard; your decisions reflect a code of honor that you adhere to.  Your public reputation is the same as your personal reputation, if anything; your personal reputation precedes your public image.  All of your family, friends, acquaintances, and even strangers speak honorably, highly, and respectfully of whom you are and how you represent yourself.

To have integrity as a business, it is a reflection of the same characteristics an individual upholds yet on a grander level.  The business, alone, is trustworthy.  People in the streets can refer the business with a warm smile to those they love because they know it can back up every word.  A business with integrity holds to high ethical and moral standards in the work they do as well as in the way they treat their clients. A business with integrity will not be questioned in any area of direction they choose to take, or what services they offer, because of the standards they hold themselves to.  A business with integrity is thankful to serve others, and they lead with a servant’s heart.  They do not brag about their gains, and they generously care for those in need at any chance they get.  The business with integrity is honest in all financial decisions and is a good steward of all resources they acquire.

Who is Integrity Automotive?

Integrity Automotive was founded in 1994, and currently serves Carmel and surrounding communities. We offer complete domestic and import auto repair.  We have found our niche in the community by providing honest, high quality auto service and repair.  Integrity Automotive differentiates itself by offering a personal repair experience with a fully trained technical staff.  An incredible value to customers who rely on clear communication and smooth work flow to get their cars serviced efficiently and quickly.  Our goal is to maintain a growing loyal customer base through our personalized approach on business.

Integrity Automotive is about quality workmanship and trustworthiness.  When you come to Integrity, you can expect to be treated with respect and dignity.  You can expect to know that we will not try to sell you services you do not need, and that we will be honest with you about your car. That’s why we’re known as Integrity Automotive.  We believe you are the most important part of what we do here, and we live by that in how we operate our business.  We are here to serve you and provide you with the best automotive care possible.

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