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I walk around the shop at times, getting to know where I’m at and watching the guys working on different cars throughout the day. There is this one particular picture which sits in a large tool box that makes me smile each time I pass by, “What Happens in the Garage Stays in the Garage.”

From a typical standpoint, I‘d say most people are cautious about trusting people with their cars. I know I was, at least until coming to Integrity. That might sound a little biased from being an employee, but the truth is in the pudding as they say.  The name of the shop, Integrity Automotive, resounds like a clanging symbol in every review I’ve ever read about the business. It continues to flow from happy customers into the staff themselves. Everyone here works hard to make those reviews come to life.  They are the lifeblood of Integrity. They’re not trying to get money from you, they are just trying to help you get the most out of your car. I’ve seen them turn away opportunities that could have been a pretty penny for the shop just because they care more about what’s best for you than what will make them money.  It’s because this everyone here understands that treating people right and providing quality service is far more important than anything else. That’s what it means to have Integrity.

“What Happens at the Garage Stays at the Garage” takes on another layer of meaning the more that I work here and understand Integrity Automotive as a whole. What Happens at the Garage Stays at the Garage stands for every smile from clients that have received the Integrity treatment.  What Happens at the Garage Stays at the Garage stands for every joke, every moment of laughter, and every bead of sweat that drops down the mechanic’s brow as they work hard to get the job done.  What Happens at the Garage Stays at the Garage stands for every moment the shop meets that closing hour, and the lights are turned off, knowing it was another day of making a difference in people’s lives.  What Happens at the Garage Stays at the Garage stands for the many professionals who have come in and out of Integrity and have made their own mark in the world using what they learned here to help them achieve that greatness. What Happens at the Garage Stays at the Garage stands for every treasured memory shared with Integrity by loyal clientele that have come and go throughout the years with their families.  It’s about small business America; the things that only “community people” can know about. It’s about getting up every morning, putting your best foot forward even when you don’t have the strength, unlocking the front doors, and turning on the open sign knowing that someone is going to need you today.  It’s about knowing that your business serves a purpose in your community, and it shapes the way Carmel lives, breathes, and moves.

That sign, now worn with age and labor, hanging in the center of that tool box– is almost as important now as the name of our service center in general—Integrity Automotive.  But it is a subtle layer, hidden within the beating heart of the company itself, reminding those of us who need to see it that what we are doing here is not about us, but about serving others, in the best way we know how.  By taking life back to the most important, most simple values—honesty, trustworthiness, and treating every person you meet with the respect they deserve.