The Crazy Adventures of the Integrity Crew

Sometimes we need a little break from the “repair your car” tips and tricks. With that, we bring you a funny adventure story about Andrew Rush, one of our technicians at Integrity Auto, shared with us about his driving adventures.

“Mudding” as some call it seems to be a big hobby of his. Judging by the exterior of his Jeep, you can definitely see that he has a great time. It’s not uncommon to see Rush pull up to work in a decked out, head to toe, Jeep covered in dry mud. In a fun way to get to know some of the crew better, I sat down and asked him to share with me some of his most memorable moments out and about.

Andrew was in the Bloomington countryside with some of his friends one time when he came across a few police officers helping an individual get his Camry back to town. They were driving up in their truck with a few motorcycles in the back. Stopping to talk to the officers, he and his friends asked if it was okay if they went further down the path to drive around with the bikes. The officer basically said “be careful” and let them go on their way. However, not listening to the former advice, Rush and his friends had a little too much fun. Or maybe it was just enough? They were riding around until Andrew ended up in a giant hole with his bike.

Struggling to escape this bottomless pit, Andrew and his friends sent a few texts and calls to friends for help. Eventually, everything ended up okay and they made it back to safety. But, hopefully he learned his lesson about being careful for the future. Mudding is something that Rush also enjoys with other crew members too. He and the boys go out occasionally around downtown Indianapolis near white river for some fun. But with the other boys in the crew, he has had to act more like the responsible adult and make sure they don’t get into any trouble because of inexperience. Stay tuned in the future for some more brief “get to know you” blogs about the Integrity Automotive crew.

By on February 7th, 2020 in Integrity Crew