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The most popular time for buying a car is actually during summer, due to the warmer months. In fact, most car dealerships hold huge promotional sales over the big holiday events during summer to entice customers to buy.  However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the smartest time to buy. In fact, research suggests the best time to look for a new or pre-owned vehicle is in August. The reason being is that new cars start to roll out from the manufacturers in October.  So, August begins the end of the year sale where dealerships scramble to get old models out and make room for new inventory. With college students looking to save while going back to school, scouting for a new vehicle in august may be the ideal situation.  On top of that, dealerships are more likely to make a great deal or provide greater incentives to get those old models out the door. Need we say more to get your attention?

Are you looking at purchasing a pre-owned vehicle this fall? Consider bringing your car by to Integrity Automotive to have everything checked out under the hood.  We offer a comprehensive used vehicle inspection to prospective buyers seeking to make sure their new investment is worth the money. To learn more about how to get the most out of your test drive, while you are out car hunting, click here to read all about it. To learn more about our used vehicle inspections, click here to understand the need and importance of having your trusted professionals at Integrity Automotive give a quick look under the hood.