Strategies for Keeping Your Car Clean

Our cars are important to our lives. They take us everywhere we need to go, sometimes they even become a changing room or a spare bedroom, and even a place where we have long talks with the people we love. The car you own can serve you a long time if you take care of it right, and that’s not just in the way you treat what’s under the hood—it’s also how you take care of the interior. The last thing we want to think about is cleaning our car on top of keeping up with the house, the dog or car, and the kids. But, in the long run keeping your car clean is going to pay off.  So, we’ve compiled a list here of quick tips we think will be advantageous to making that extra chore on your to do list much easier.

The Cup Holders

Did you know you can easily prevent spill stains from your favorite coffee by keeping cupcake liners in the cup holders?  Not only that, the cupcake liners will also provide a barrier from crumbs sneaking their way underneath your favorite beverage.  The next time your best friend decides to eat a crispy snack in the car, you can put your mind to ease about where those crumbs may fall.


This may seem like a no brainer, but have you checked under your seats lately? Sometimes without us even noticing, all of the things we “swore we lost” can make their into the carmuda triangle. What’s the carmuda triangle? Well, this is the place between your middle console and your chair where you accidentally drop the Chap Stick or sunglasses you’re using while on the road. Then, your hand can’t fit in the wedge because it’s so narrow and those beloved items somehow sink all the way under the seat to your complete lack of knowledge! Fight back against the forces of evil and seek entry to the treasure trove beneath your bucket seats.  You will be glad you did. 

 All in all, the point is to consider how much you have in your car in the first place.  While you’re emptying out the metaphorical land of the lost, you may also want to take a look at the back seat and the trunk.  Do you have bags, clothes, and non-essentials lying around in your car that don’t need to really be there? Do yourself a favor and bring them inside. Are they there because you don’t want them inside?  Then donate anything you really don’t need! Minimizing the amount of items you keep in your car will help you most of all to feel better about your car’s cleanliness, but also to remain organized. Remember, long term car items should only be what’s for emergency purposes or what is absolutely essential…. Like the Hawaiian dancer hanging out on your dashboard.

Sanitize and Dust

How long has it been since you wiped away the dust on the dashboard that glimmers in the morning sunlight? Have you ever wondered how many times during the winter season you coughed, sneezed, or have been sick in your car?  You can always take your car to one of those quick cleaning places to get the job done, or you can save yourself the gas and the money by doing a little house cleaning yourself.  One big thing people don’t think about is sanitizing their cars! Grab some general cleaning wipes, preferably ones for automotive cleaning, and get to work wiping the dust and debris out from anywhere and everywhere you can imagine hands have touched.  It may also be beneficial to grab some sanitizing wipes and do a second wipe down to eliminate any germs having a party. The cleaner and more hygienic your car, the less likely you will be to catching the same sickness!

The Carpets

Just like turning the stereo up when your car is making funky noises under the hood, do you ever pretend your car doesn’t have a floor?  The goal is to not look down, right? Wrong! Sometimes, you have to fess up to yourself that the carpets need a good vacuuming.  Do yourself a favor at least once a month and grab either a hand vacuum from home, or even stop by one of those self cleaning stations, and just get the job done.  It really only takes a couple of minutes and you’re going to be happy you did the next time you climb into your car and look at those clean floor mats.


 There are tons of incredible car accessories out there meant to keep your auto essentials in an easy to find, organized place.  One of our favorites is the over-the-chair organizer types that can give you added space to keep everyday needs readily available.  If you are going to keep more than necessary things in your car, adding some organizers such as this could be a great benefit to keep your car from turning into a second closet or unintentional trash can.  You can find these easily online for a great deal.  Another organizer addition to your car would be investing in a compact trash can to keep for those pesky wrappers or beverage bottles. They even make car-sized garbage cans which are widely available.  Either of these additions to your car can make it simpler for you to cut back on the excess in your car.

Keep Your Important Papers Filed

I think it’s easy to throw documents like your insurance card, registration, and the like into the glove compartment and forget about them.  One way to stay on top of what documents are important for your vehicle is to keep them in a filing system.  You can go to the dollar store and easily pick up a small filing binder, or even just simply fold them and keep them in a spare envelope.  As long as you have them contained into a safe space where you know you will always remember where they are—that’s what is important.  But having them in a labeled, organized filing pocket will make the ease of locating which specific document you need in emergency situations that much more stress free than rambling through the glove compartment like a mad man.  

Your Car’s Minor Bumps and Bruises

There may come a day when you’re considering trading your vehicle in, and if that day ever comes, it would be wise to take care of the exterior as much as the interior.  It’s crazy how even the smallest rub in the wrong way can end up scratching the paint on your car.  Paying attention to small details like this will make the value of your car add up for any day you ever consider selling or trading in your vehicle.  Don’t put this off, if you ever find a scratch in your car’s paint—take care of it immediately! Look into paint touch up supplies, or find a friend who knows how to do those sorts of touch ups that would be willing to help.  One temporary delay in paint damage you can utilize is by covering any paint blemishes in clear nail polish.  This can help for a temporary fix until you can actually take care of the problem.

 These tips aren’t an end all guide to car care cleaning needs, but they are certainly helpful in maintaining regular cleanliness habits that will make your monthly clean up routine much easier. There are lots of insightful guides out there that can help you build your car care habits and make maintenance of your vehicle much easier. We encourage you to do everything you can to have routine care in place for your vehicle because if you take care of it, then rest assured it will take care of you!

By on January 30th, 2018 in Auto Repair