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Sometimes, the greatest way to make memories is to hit the roads. But what better way to enjoy a road trip than to be prepared for it? We understand that having kids in the car for long hours at a time can be a pain sometimes.  So—get creative this family vacation by creating a “Family Road Trip Kit.” We have compiled a step by step guide to help you assemble the perfect entertainment package to keep your loved ones occupied on the way to vacation.

Step 1 – Games, Crafts, and Puzzles

For the sake of road travel, the key is to think simple but distracting. One of the greatest things to start out with is coloring books, markers, colored pencils, and crayons. You can find all of this at your nearest dollar store.  As for games, depending on the age of your child you can also find at the dollar store are word search books, Sudoku, crossword puzzles, and even trivia. Another cool thing to do would be to have a few interactive games in mind – something you and the whole family can play together while in the car. There are a few different family fun road trip games you can play:

-I Spy: One person is the spy. You take turns searching for objects in the car and asking questions to find clues about what the object is.

-The License Plate Game: The goal of the game is to try and get all 50 states. When you’re on the road, have your family’s eyes out the windows looking for different license plates from different states.  They have to call it out when they see it so no one else claims the same license plate, and then write down each stay they come across to keep track.

Several fun and simple games you can include in your family road trip kit as well are connect the dot coloring pages, tic tac toe sheets, and even blank paper to play hangman.  You can use these activities as a chance to encourage siblings to play nicely amongst one another while Mom and Dad get a break for a few minutes to focus on the road.

Step 2 – Movies and Books

A great time consumer to add to your family road trip kit is movies and books.  Depending on your needs, you can do this in a few ways. If you have a car with a drop down TV screen in the back, then by all means bring a stack of DVD’s.  However, you can also invest in a tablet for your kids to share or a kindle had all kinds of books and movies downloaded to keep them busy. When watching a movie, you can attach the tablet on one of the back seats with one of those over-the-chair car organizers. That way, the kids can share the screen and watch the movie together.  You can also invest in plain old paperback books, comics, or something interactive (like pop-up’s or play-along books) that can double the entertainment while on the road. Movies and books are a great time waster and entertainment for kids, so we highly suggest investing in them.

Step 3 – Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks on the go!

Nothing keeps those mouths closed like a great snack. But, the best thing to do is think about what is the least messy, inexpensive, and most nutritious for your children. Breakfast and lunch are up to you, but we do have a few snack suggestions you can keep handy.  Make sure you invest in a nice sized cooler that will be in arm’s reach for the whole family to grab what they need when they need it. Or, it might be wise to keep the cooler up with Mom and Dad so the kids don’t eat more than they ought to.

Snack Suggestions:

-Sliced Apples and Peanut Butter
-Crackers and Cheese
-Peeled clementines
-Trail Mix
-Roasted peanuts
-Fruit Mix
-Your child’s favorite chips
-Bottled water
-Apple or grape juice

Step 4 – Surprise them!

Sometimes, the greatest thing about a road trip is making it special and memorable for your kids. You can do this by surprising them with a small gift each when they get in the car.  When I was younger, one thing my parents did for me on our family vacation to Florida was surprise me with a magnetic dress up doll kit.  I had different pictures of the dolls I could dress up, and all of the clothes were magnet pieces. It all came in a tin case that I could dress the dolls up with.  It kept me busy for hours! Can you think of anything your kids really LOVE? Find something that would excite and surprise them, or even make your own DIY road trip surprise for them.  You can find lots of different options on Youtube.

These are just some of the options we have put together to help you build your best family road trip kit. Where are you planning to vacation this summer? Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and tell us all about it.