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It may seem like winter is taking a little bit longer to realize it’s stayed its welcome, but we assure you spring is still right around the corner.  The rains, snow, rain pattern will eventually fade, and you will realize there is still a lot to do. Part of your to do list, in fact, will be to recognize your car needs some love too. Winterizing your vehicle and “Springerizing” your vehicle are two different things.  Fortunately, we’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation and have compiled a list of things we highly suggest you get to taking care of so you can be in tip top shape for that warm weather.

 Replace Wiper Blades: Winter’s harsh conditions can take a toll on the wiper blades you replace just before fall.  We all know that April showers bring May flowers, so you’re going to want them in proper working order.
Tire Care: Check the tires, including tire pressure and tread. Underinflated tires reduce a vehicle’s fuel economy and uneven wear indicates a need for wheel alignment. Tires should also be checked for bulges and bald spots.
– Get Your Oil Changed: It’s generally a standard practice at most oil changes to check all of the fluids and filters in your vehicle to make sure you’re in good shape. Double check with your technician to make sure your wiper fluid, power steering, and engine coolant are at the right levels as well.  It’s also a good idea in between oil changes to check on your coolant and oil to make sure they’re above the safe zone.
Check the hoses and belts and replace if they become loose, cracked, brittle, frayed or show signs of excessive wear.
Have your brakes fully inspected and make sure the battery connection is clean, tight, and corrosion free.

It’s a good idea to keep your car ready for the seasons to come.  Winter usually does a great deal of stress on our vehicles, so getting them checked out for spring and summer is generally ideal if you want to be stress free and worry free.  The tips we’ve gathered come from our friends at the car care council. To find the original article, you can go here: