Scheduled Maintenance Inspection

When seasons are changing, it becomes time to get your car looked
over for the next weather to hit. It may not be a fun thing to think about, but
healthy routine maintenance 
increase fuel economy and the overall longevity of your car. We want to work
with you in every way possible to get your car ready for the colder months, so
we decided to extend some savings your way on your next scheduled maintenance

Our scheduled maintenance inspection includes the following

-Oil change
-Inspection of belts and hoses
-Inspection of fluids and filters
-Inspection of steering and suspension
-Tire rotation
-Brake inspection
-Starting and charging system test 
-18-point safety inspection

Did you know its recommended to have a comprehensive
inspection over your vehicle at least once a year? This gives you a chance to
stay on top of preventive maintenance, find out what actually needs to be
repaired, and save money in the long run! You will save because you are keeping
up on maintenance instead of repairing your vehicle when something breaks. This
is key to keeping your car at peak performance because the longer you wait to
solve a problem, the more damage is most likely to incur, which will result in
more money to be spent.

Are you ready to make your next appointment with Integrity
Automotive? Simply give us a call at 317-573-0107 to take advantage of savings
today! Or, you can click on the home page of our website and fill out an online
appointment request. Feel free to reach out to us at any time with questions,
we are here for you.

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