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It’s easy to see that saving gas and helping the planet are pretty great things to do. Who would disagree? Probably not many! We’ve compiled a few tips that will keep your pocket and make the trees around you smile.


Our friends at ASE suggest the following to be more environmentally and gas friendly with your vehicle:


Lighten Up-keep what’s necessary in your car, and take out the things you don’t need. The less you have on you, the less chances of waste and greater mileage for your vehicle.

-Slow Down- Driving at slower speeds reduces the amount of toxic emissions into the air that can harm the environment. Driving at slower speeds also keeps you safe, and it saves on gas.  So, really it’s a win in all kinds of ways!

-Know Your Limits- Don’t try to fix something you don’t know how to do.  You are going to thank yourself for relying on a professional, certified technician to help you navigate repair decisions for your vehicle. It’s awesome to try to learn new things, but it’s better to start with the basics and work your way up to the difficult things.

-Watch Your Tires- Keep the tires properly inflated and aligned. Poorly inflated tires waste fuel by forcing the vehicle’s engine to work harder, but having well maintained tires makes them last longer thus saving you money and lessening the burden at landfills.

-Don’t Pollute- If you’re trying to dispose of hazardous waste materials (such as antifreeze/coolant, motor oil, gas, or used car batteries), there are several locations available to you that will accept these either for free or a small service charge. Most government institutions have a toxic waste facility you can dispose of these chemicals of without charge.  It takes a simple Google search to find the answers.

Drive Gently, Don’t Idle- Don’t be an aggressive driver, and don’t be hard on your car.  Ease into every move you make while driving so you can maximize the life and health of your vehicle. On top of that, don’t allow your car to idle for too long. You’re wasting the gas you put into it by doing so.  Try to eliminate the need for idling while you’re in a parked location as often as you can to get as much out of your fuel as possible.

Try to Use Your Car Less- Got errands to run? Have to go pick up the kids in an hour? Try to coordinate your daily schedule in as minimal driving trips as possible in order to save on gas.

-Keep Up On Regular Maintenance- Keeping your car healthy just like your own body will allow it to operate the way it was intended, top notch.  Read your owner’s manual and stay up with the recommended manufacturer maintenance.


These are just a few small ways you can get the most out of your vehicle. We hope that they can help you to do what you can to save gas and in effect make a greater impact on the environment.