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Are you going on vacation, or do you have a spare car you don’t drive as much? Depending on where you live, you have a greater chance of receiving these “honored guests” in your car.  This is more likely in the winter to occur since animals are always trying to find a nice warm place to nest. But, here are a few solutions that can help you deter animals from finding comfort on the inside of your vehicle.

Park in the Garage

This one might be obvious because the chance of a critter crawling its way into your car is less likely indoors.  However, there is still the risk of getting rodents and things inside your garage, but that’s a separate issue. You don’t have much to worry about during the warmer seasons of the year.

Use Traps

If you must park outdoors, use common mouse traps to stop critters that are sneaking around your car at night. Place these mouse traps in your engine compartment and on the floor of your car. You can use various types of bait to attract the animal, and then just nab the culprits in the morning. Spending a few bucks on mouse traps will be much cheaper than an expensive repair.

Dryer Sheets and Mothballs

The reason this method works is because of the smell.  Place the dryer sheets and the mothballs in areas you know that your night time friends could find comfort in.  The odor associated with these products will cause the invader to think twice about cuddling up in your car.

Tape your Tailpipe

The last thing you want is a dead rodent stuck in your car’s exhaust system. Just seal your tail pipe with masking tape when you aren’t driving it. This is particularly recommended for cars that aren’t used frequently. If you start driving around with a dead mouse in your tailpipe, you could be in for a stinky surprise! Just make sure to remember to remove the tape before you start driving the car again.

Keep the Hood Open

If you can do this, leave the hood open at night. This will cause a disruption in a rodent’s ideal nesting place. With hood down, the engine is warm, dark, and sealed away for them to hide.  It won’t completely eliminate your problem, but it can help lessen the likelihood of nesting critters.

Invest in Vehicle Spray for Rodents

There are some spray deterrents you can use that you can spray over your vehicle to coat it in an aroma that is non-appealing to crawly critters. They make the product safe for parts under the hood so you can spray it wherever necessary, but is also safe for the animal. These are just some ways to deter animals from getting into your car. If you have any suggestions that have also worked for you, leave a comment and let us know!