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Taking care of your car is next to practically taking care of yourself.  We depend on our vehicles to get us everywhere we need to go, and it takes extra effort to find time set aside to get them checked out. When that time does come, however, you want to be sure that who you’re entrusting your car with will for sure be worth it.  It’s not just about the expense, it’s also about the quality of work they do, and how well you can trust who’s under the hood. We would of course recommend ourselves if you’re in the market for a new auto repair shop, but we’ve also listed a few good tips to keep in mind when trying to figure out the best place that fits your needs.

Look for Certifications

You can definitely be certain that if auto shop you’re interested in has certified technicians, you’re going to be in good hands.  One particular certification to keep in mind is an Automotive Service Excellence certification. ASE certified mechanics need at least two years of on the job experience before being able to complete their certification.  Or, they need one year of experience with a two year degree in automotive repair. In addition to that, they have to pass a rigorous examination to receive their credentials. This of course doesn’t necessarily indicate someone’s honesty, but it does prove their competency in regards to your vehicle.  Certifications or specific memberships in automotive groups prove that the professional looking over your car cares about being educated in his field.

Do Your Research

One way you can tell what a shop’s worth is by checking their reviews.  Trusted sites such as Yelp, Angie’s List, or even their own social media pages can help you determine what others who have experienced their services think of them. Google reviews are a pretty common one too. There is a rating system and a score on each of these pages which can also help you determine the best options in the mind of the customer. If you’re being referred a specific location by another person, word of mouth referrals are a great indicator of a trustworthy shop with loyal clientele they’ve proven  themselves to over time. If you can’t trust a recommendation from a friend, a simple Google search can usually give you all the information you need.  While you’re at it, you can check out their website and see the different prices and services they offer.  This will give you an indication for anyone who is budget conscious.

Communication is Everything

A great communicator really is everything in the realm of any business or professional industry.  The right mechanic will know how to explain what’s going on with your car to you in a way that you will understand.  They will have patience with you as you try to explain the symptoms you have experienced with your car. They will know how to determine the right answers for your situation by asking you the right questions.  They will double check with you on all of those needs, and be transparent about every recommendation as well as prices associated with those recommendations. Another great way to know if they have your needs at heart is if they communicate to you what they believe would be the best steps in your vehicle repair investment before beginning the work.  Most auto shops will spend time diagnosing your car’s issues and then communicating those needs to the customer before making a step towards necessary repairs.  Find someone you can build a loyal relationship with, and someone you can trust.  A great repair technician will want to build relationships with his customers as well as let them guide the best decisions for their vehicle’s needs.


You can learn a lot about a person they say by the things they do, rather than the things they say. A person can say whatever they want, but actions speak louder than words.  An honest person will be up front with everything they say and everything they do.  A person with integrity goes a step further—you can trust them at their word that what they say they will do, they will follow through with it.  Transparency is everything when it comes to automotive repairs. Next to a great communicator, a transparent technician will be able to explain to you the ins and outs of all of the processes they will need to perform on your car.  If you have any question, they won’t hesitate to answer it. 

Anyone who is beating around the bush on prices, process of repairs, or anything else is someone to be skeptical of.  But integrity is more than just communication, backing up their word, and transparency.  It’s also about how they treat others and how they treat their own employees or coworkers.  A person who has integrity puts others before themselves, and they do whatever they can to show the utmost respect to any individual no matter who they are. They hold themselves and their work to a high ethical and moral standard that guides them in their professional conduct.  You want to have a person with integrity working on your car because they won’t try to sell you something that you don’t need to get done.  Here at Integrity Automotive, the name pretty much says it all—but we back up that name in every business move we make! We want you to be able to trust us, so we will only recommend what your car really needs.  We can back that up by hundreds of excellent reviews on our transparency, excellent service and prices, and our trustworthiness. So, again, if you’re in the market to find a new auto shop that you can rely on—we would be happy to be your first choice.  But overall, we want you to make the best decision that fits you! We hope that these helpful tips will give you an idea of what to look for when selecting the right auto shop for your needs.