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Are You Getting Ready for a Road Trip?

The weather is getting warmer with each passing day, and all anyone can think about is the chance to soak up the sun. You just want to put in that request off at work, and get on the road before anyone has a chance to tell you otherwise! But before you go, it might be a great idea to make sure your car is up for that long journey ahead. Here at Integrity Automotive, we can schedule you in for a quick road trip inspection to be sure your car is in tip top shape for those extra miles. Our road trip inspection includes the following:

-Inspection of all fluids and filters

-Inspection of all belts and hoses

-Inspection of steering and suspension

-A safety inspection

-Tire rotation

-Brake inspection

Why should you get a road trip inspection?

Having your car checked for routine maintenance is a basic necessity for the overall health of your vehicle. Pay attention to the manufacturer recommendations that are included in your car manual. You should think of your vehicle just like any other living being; it has specific requirements it needs to not only survive, but to thrive.  We want to partner with you to be able to increase longevity in your vehicle’s lifetime and to save you from serious repairs down the road. Beyond that, it would be such a sour part of your trip if you had to come back with a long story about how you got stuck on the side of the road! By scheduling a road trip inspection a week or two before you head on your journey, it gives you enough of a preventative time frame to work with in case there are any repairs that need to be made.  Wouldn’t you rather know than suffer the major consequences? We know paying for vehicle needs are not at the top of your most desired list, but trust us when we say it’s well worth it to keep up with your car.

So what are you waiting for!

We want to be there for you when you need us most. We care about helping you to have the greatest spring break you could ever hope for.
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