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Is there rumbling noise coming from underneath the rear of your car? If so, it’s possible there’s an issue with your muffler or your exhaust system. Today, we’re going to look at some signs of exhaust problems, and how to fix them.

Car Exhaust Issues

One sign of a problem with your exhaust is poor fuel economy. Three other ways to check for an exhaust issue involve using 3 of your senses.

·         Loud, Rattling Sound: If your car is making more noise than normal coming from the rear end, you could be dealing with a damaged muffler. Police can ticket you for disturbing the peace if your broken muffler is causing a lot of noise, so it’s best to get it fixed. Here at Integrity, we deal with muffler issues all the time, and if we can’t help, we can recommend you to someone who can do the job.

·         Vibrations: Weird vibrations in the steering wheel or when you press the gas pedal are another sign of an exhaust problem. But it depends on where the vibration is coming from. Vibrations also indicate problems with the tire alignment, balance, or steering and suspension. A vibrating car can make it difficult to control the vehicle, so the problem shouldn’t be ignored.

·         Bad Smell: There are several different smells that signal something is wrong with your vehicle, and same goes for your exhaust system. You can read more about what certain smells may indicate for your car here. That foul odor could be caused by carbon monoxide, but the best way to determine the issue is by getting your car inspected for a leak.

Fixing Exhaust Issues

The biggest hurdle of fixing an exhaust problem is that there are so many different issues that could be causing it. Most of the time it’s either a clog or a leak that’s causing the issue, and it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where the problem lies. In all, exhaust issues are typically best handled by a mechanic you trust (AKA Integrity Auto!). The biggest principle to live by when you are dealing with your car is to catch it before it becomes a problem. Small repairs don’t add up like big ones do! Prolonging a problem child can end up costing you steep in repairs if you don’t address it before the situation gets worse! If you notice a weird smell coming from your car, or if it’s loud or vibrating, contact Integrity Automotive today.