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Get Your Car Ready for College


Right, we know what it’s like spending the whole summer focused on doing what’s fun instead of what’s not. But, as silly as it sounds this has to be a recommendation, we do recommend that you get your car cleaned out (inside and out) at least seasonally. Keep your interior nice, and the exterior, as much as you can! Because you never know if you plan to sell in the future, and on top of that you never know who is going to be your passenger. Just some things to think about.  Have some extra junk to take out? Get it out now and make that space for what’s only essential to keep in your vehicle.


Every season, there are extreme weather changes. On top of that, the variety of driving conditions that your car takes a toll under can cause some general wear and tear. These things are important to keep up in, in fact, your owner’s manual has a list of recommended maintenance you should do after certain mileage points in order to ensure the efficient use and health of your vehicle. Do you want to know what recommended maintenance is on your car now? Give us a call at 317-573-0107 and we would be happy to go over that with you as well as provide an estimated quote of costs. Recommended maintenance can ensure the longevity and overall health of your car. If you are traveling far for college, it may be wise to get into Integrity Automotive for a scheduled maintenance inspection before hitting the roads. Our scheduled maintenance inspection package includes the following:

-oil change

-inspect all fluids and filters

-inspect all belts and hoses

-inspect steering and suspension

-starting and charging system test
-18 point safety inspection

-brake inspection

-tire rotation

If you’re in the need for a maintenance inspection, please don’t hesitate to contact us and make your next appointment.



I can never say this one enough. Don’t pack like you have 5 people to take on a long road trip across the country. Always leave room to be able to see through the rear view mirror and don’t obstruct any views from the windows. Pack safe and smart, not a lot just because you refuse to take more than one trip. If you have too much to put in one car, it’s simple, bring another vehicle and have a friend help.



Do you have liability or full coverage insurance? When you’re out on your own, you never know what’s going to happen on the road. The wisest thing to do is to invest in either a AAA membership, or have roadside assistance added to your insurance package. Towing can be expensive, and if you haven’t had much mechanical training from your Dad, you could end up stranded with nowhere to go with potentially a lot of money in repairs. Roadside assistance has always been advantageous for travelers at many times, so we recommend looking into it with your insurance policy if possible.


When you’re getting ready to be on your own for the first time, a well invested car is part of your independence. Always keep an eye out for good deals going on for maintenance inspections, wiper blades, oil changes, and even brake inspections. Seasonally, there is always something a good mechanic shop will do to bring incentive for the deal-hungry customer. When you find a place that is honest and you can trust, stick with them. The longer a shop is familiar with your car, the easier it will be on you for any necessary repairs. Building a relationship with a technician you trust is more important than anything else! But it’s smart to also keep your eye out for the best deals especially when you’re on as tight a budget as you will be in college.



Your tires are an investment just like your car. The funny thing, most people think the best way to go is get the cheapest deal on the cheapest tires so they can just “have new tires” when their tread goes bald. But you actually get more out of your car’s fuel economy and more from the life of your tires if you do your diligence in buying the quality ones. The best way to know what tires are right for you is to ask a trusted professional what the best route to go is, or do some research online. Integrity Automotive can give you a quote on new tires at any time; don’t hesitate to reach out at 317-573-0107.



Check out our blogs here and here for some information on used car inspections as well as how to get the most out of your test drive.  They say august is actually the best time to buy! We also have a great blog here that can tell you a bit more of why that’s so.

College can be an exciting time for any young adult. Whether this is your first year, or if you’re heading back for another semester, the best thing to do is to make sure your car can handle the journey. At Integrity Automotive, we are here to help you make that happen. Let us be your first choice in automotive care!