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Clever Tips to Easily De-Ice Your Windows

We all know how much of a chore it is to wake up early in the morning after a large winter storm, and then go out to our cars to see them covered in ice. With the recent snow storm that passed, I had a situation where the ice was so thick on my car that I had no choice but to uber to work. In order to save us all a few bucks in the future when ice storms hit, I decided to do some research on a few clever hacks that can help you save time cleaning off your car in the early winter mornings.

Start Your Car Early

As silly as it sounds, getting your butt out of your warm house and out in the snow to start your car before getting ready for work can save you time cleaning it off when you’re ready to leave. For those of you who have an automatic starter, you have the ease of staying inside. When your windows are iced up and there’s snow everywhere, getting your engine warm can start melting the ice off the windows a bit in order to make it easier to remove as you get out there.

Rubbing Alcohol

I haven’t personally tried this one, but some people swear by this! The concentrated medical alcohol has enough burn in it to literally singe away heavy ice. It’s a better method than pouring hot water on the dash because there’s a potential for cracking the windshield with that method. Have you ever taken a hot glass out of the dishwasher and then tried to put cold water in it only to see it crack from the extreme temperature change? It’s basically the same thing if you do that with hot enough water and cold temperatures during winter.

Home Remedies

There are several home remedies that DIY-people have created to de-ice their windows that they swear by! One of those is mixing white vinegar and water together in case you’re not a fan of the rubbing alcohol solution. As if white vinegar couldn’t do anything more, right?! Be sure to be careful with your research and the sources you choose for whatever home remedy you make, you don’t want to damage your car in the de-icing process!

Store Products

My husband recently bought me a bottle of “windshield de-icer” from walmart, a generic brand that only cost a couple bucks. I decided to put it to the test that day we had the big winter storm, and despite the storm’s persistence, I was very surprised by how fast the ice melted! I have only used this specific generic brand, but my confidence has risen since trying it. I think the ice storm was an unusual case because I plan to use it again to make my life a bit easier next time I have to fight the cold. Do some research and read reviews before picking your next deicer. You want to make sure you have your money’s worth in anything you buy!

A Good Windshield Ice Scraper

I grew up in the Midwest, so snow has been natural to me. It’s obvious that when you live where the snow hits that you need to have a good ice scraper to get by. Otherwise, you’re basically toast! I have one of those really large ones that have adjustable length with each end of it a different purpose (one is a scraper, the other is a broom to brush the snow away). I recommend those for the heavy snow days out there. They last a long time and are very durable. They look like this:


What are some of your clever winter hacks to survive the chilly season? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter! We hope you enjoy your holiday season and that our winter hacks can make your driving time a lot smoother.