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Taking care of your car can be a great hobby – it’s also a great hobby to share with your children. It’s a practical, fun, and rewarding way to educate your kids. Today, we explain some ways you can help get your children interested in caring for their car!

Start Small – No matter how versed you are in car repair, the first thing you’ll want to do is show your kid the basic inner-workings of the vehicle. Point out the key parts underneath the hood, from the spark plugs to the engine and battery. Once you’ve looked under the hood, ask your child to identify some common parts. Make it a fun guessing game and they will love the experience!

Simple Maintenance – The next step in getting your children interested in car care is having them help you complete simple maintenance tasks. If you have a teenager who will be driving soon, you can even make it a requirement that they learn how to service some aspects of the car before they get behind the wheel. Start them off easy by having them show you how to refill your car’s windshield wiper fluid or even change the wiper blades. Show them how to be independent in trouble shooting simple car issues by referring to the owner’s manual for recommendations.

Hands-On Maintenance – Once they’ve mastered the simple jobs, it’s time to move on to bigger maintenance tasks that will be very helpful down the road. There are three specific things that every car owner should know how to do:

  • Changing your oil
  • Changing flat tires
  • Jumpstarting your car

Walk them through each process. Show them how to do it, and then ask them to complete the task on their own. These are great maintenance tips to know, as it can get you out of a difficult situation, and can save you money.

Explain Car Problems – Lastly, since you’re not going to be able to fix every issue with your car on your own, bring your child with you to the auto center when you need to have work done. They probably won’t be able to watch the service being performed, but the technician can explain what was causing the issue. It’s important to become aware of early warning signs and sounds to prevent expensive damage to your vehicle. Allowing your teen to learn from the technician while at the shop will give them the chance to become familiar with the process and know how to handle services in the future.

Car repair is a great skill to know, so start teaching your kid at an early age. They’ll thank you for it down the road!