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I believe the idea of “normal driving” is different dependent upon the person behind the wheel. Someone may not realize how aggressive of a driver they are just because they have avoided getting a ticket or two. We all have a tendency to give into that road rage from time to time. Today, we’re going to identify a few factors that indicate what it means to be an aggressive driver. We’ll also talk about how aggressive driving can harm your car and ways to prevent you from driving too harshly.

According to “Drive Safely,” these are signs of an aggressive driver:

-Speeding: When you are constantly “in a rush” to get where you need to be. You get frustrated when someone is driving the speed limit or going under in front of you, so you are always passing them weaving between lanes to be at the front of the line.

-Never Yielding the Right-of-Way:  It’s always your turn. When someone hesitates to go, you gun it like it is a yellow light (which is also dangerous and a serious no-no). It feels evident that the whole world is full of incompetent drivers. 

-Weaving: Your goal is to be where you need to be as quickly as possible without regard to what is going on around you. You move in between lanes without caution to other cars around and rarely worry about using your turn signal so long as a cop isn’t nearby.

-Failing to Use Your Turn Signal: Using your turn signal for the most part is an afterthought, even though it’s required by law. You either just absent mindedly don’t worry about it or are concerned someone might try to speed up and pass you if you are merging into their lane.

-Tailgating: This is when you’re driving too close to the vehicle in front of you for a long period of time. Sometimes the desire of the person tailgating is to try and get the slower vehicle to switch lanes or to speed up.

-The Horn: The intention of a horn in a car is to alert a driver for safety purposes. For example, if someone is backing up and they don’t realize they’re about to back into you—you honk the horn to alert the politely of the danger.  But in aggressive driving, the horn is used in all sorts of way to express your emotions and blow some steam.

-Lane Blocking: This is the act of deliberately blocking someone from merging or changing lanes.

How can you avoid aggressive driving tendencies? Well, the first step is to be aware of what you are doing. If you can relate to all or any of the symptoms above, start one at a time tackling each of these issues and work to eliminate them from your driving behavior. Understand you are doing this for the safety of yourself, and the safety of others, on the road. Not only that, but doing so will help you to reduce severe driving risks on the health of your car.

Our friends at the Car Care Council explain that these are some signs of severe driving on your car:

Stop and go traffic

-Short commutes

-Rough terrain

-Driving in extremely hot or cold weather

-Hauling heavy loads

-Driving in dusty or salty conditions

Some of the severe driving signs above are unavoidable, and are dependent on the location you live in.  Things such as potholes emerging on roads due to the end of winter, hot summer days, or running errands are parts just a part of life and where you live. But, paired with aggressive driving the toll it can take on your car is disastrous. In addition, the way you drive can also affect others around you. Fortunately, our friends at Car Care Council have a few suggestions that can be used to help decrease severe driving on your vehicle:

-Keep your oil changed at regular intervals

-Have your brakes and shocks inspected regularly

-Observe the speed limit. Did you know gas mileage rapidly decreases above 60 mph?

-Try to do your best to avoid quick starts and stops in short traffic

-Keep your basic maintenance of your car up to date per manufacturer’s recommendations in the owner manual of your vehicle

-Don’t keep any unnecessary items in your car as added weight will reduce fuel economy

-Observe all traffic safety laws while on the road

-Do not let your emotions control the way you drive

Our goal is to help you be able to get everything you can out of your vehicle. We want you to not only have it in tip top shape, but also practice healthy driving behavior to increase the life of your car and enhance your own safety.