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Your tires are an essential part of your car. The problem is that most people don’t give their tires a second thought unless they get a flat. People believe as long as their tires are inflated, they are in proper working order, but that’s not necessarily true. If you don’t take care of your car’s tires, you’ll likely find that they wear out faster, and nobody likes buying new tires. Today, we explain why some tires wear out faster than others.

Why Do My Tires Wear Down Quickly?

The life of your tires is based on how quickly your tire tread wears down. Tire tread helps you grip the road, so you can see why driving on severely worn tread can be dangerous. Some things that cause tire tread to wear down quickly are:

1. Improper Tire Inflation – If your tires aren’t at the right pressure, they’ll wear out more quickly. Proper tire inflation will ensure your tires are able to properly operate on your vehicle. If your tires are in poor condition, the tread may wear out more quickly when you break or turn in a certain direction. Additionally, you’ll actually lose grip with the road if your tires aren’t at the right pressure. Be sure to take notice of manufacturer recommendations for the right inflation levels.

2. Misaligned Tires – Wheel and tire alignment ensures all your tires travel straight forward. Have you ever been driving down the road and noticed that your car was pulling to the right or left? When your car is out of alignment, your tires hit the road at the wrong angle, causing the inside or outside or your wheels to wear down unevenly.

3. Driving Patterns – Certain driving maneuvers also quickly wear your tires down. Some of these maneuvers include:

·  Peeling out

·  Hard braking

·  Fast acceleration

·  Driving at fast speeds          

Try not to be hard on the brakes or the accelerator when driving around through town. Especially in a lot of stop and go traffic, and make sure to pay close attention to the speed limits and traffic laws of your city. These help you to have appropriate driving behavior, saves lives, and careful driving is always better on your tires!