A Comprehensive General Maintenance Checklist

We depend on our vehicles for everything.  We need them to get to and from work, take the kids to school, pick up those same kids, run errands, leisure activities, traveling to see family, and more! Our cars play an integral role in society as well as in our lives.  On top of that, it’s not cheap to keep them in perfect running order! So, save yourself the expensive auto shop trip by keeping a routine check on general maintenance needs.  You may have to pay for the short term inspection, oil changes, and the like–but don’t ignore your regular car needs to make it pile up into major financial decision.  We have compiled a general maintenance checklist here to give you a guide on what to do and when!

General Maintenance Checklist
-Check tire pressure
-Check oil level 
-Check coolant level
Every 3,000 miles: 
Change oil and replace filter 
-Check washer fluid level
-Add fuel injector cleaner to fuel
Every Six Months: 
-Check power steering fluid level
Every 10,000 Miles: 
-Inspect belts
-rotate tires
Every Year: 
-Inspect brakes
-Inspect hoses and clamps
-Clean battery connections
-Check brake fluid level
-Check manual transmission fluid
-Check coolant strength
-Back-flush radiator from engine side
-Rinse off air conditioner condenser
-Buff plastic headlight assembly, if dull (to maintain visibility)
Every 30,000 Miles:
-Replace spark plugs (check manufacturer recommendation regarding spark plug replacement)
-Replace distributor cap and rotor (if needed)
-Inspect spark plug wires (if needed)
-Change transmission fluid 
-Inspect shocks for leaks and perform bounce test
-Replace PCV valve
-Clean throttle body
Every Two Years: 
-Flush coolant system
-check battery electrolyte level
Every 40,000 Miles: 
-Replace fuel filter 
Every 60,000 Miles: 
-Replace air filter 
-Change automatic transmission fluid 
-Inspect brakes
-Inspect accessory drive belts
-Replace timing belt
-Have front end inspected alignment checked
Every 80,000 Miles:
-Replace rear axle lubricant
As Needed: 
-Have the alignment adjusted

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