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Sometimes, I think the best smell is the fresh scent of a new car. But, of course with all good things, they fade over time. So, your next best resort is a yankee candle air freshener, or the favorite of your choice! However, there are some aromas that come from your car that you need to be on the lookout for as they indicate problems that are arising.

What’s that smell?

A Sweet, Sugary Smell – Does your car smell like maple syrup after a few minutes when starting the car or when you turn the engine off? Generally the leak is located in the radiator or heater hose, but an issue with the intake manifold or cylinder head could also be causing the problem. If you smell something like this, you should get it in for an inspection at Integrity Automotive.

Smells Like Sweaty Socks – If your car smells like gym socks, but your car is clean, odds are the smell is coming from inside your AC system. Mold or mildew could be causing the ugly stench, and you can try to air out the system by running the heat for a while, but odds are that’s only a short term fix. The best thing to do is get your car in for an AC Diagnosis to determine whether or not there’s a leak causing mold or mildew to grow.

Rotten Eggs – If you’re smelling something that is similar to sulfur or rotten eggs, a few things could be wrong with your car. Gear lube, which contains sulfur compounds, could be leaking, or there could be something wrong with the exhaust. If your catalytic converter isn’t working properly, the trace amounts of sulfur in your gasoline may not be turning into sulfur dioxide like they should. All of these issues are things that Integrity Automotive can easily take care of for you.

Gasoline – If your car smells like gasoline, and you didn’t just spill a few drops on your jeans at the pump, there is probably a leak somewhere. The places to check are your fuel injection line and your vent hose. If this isn’t something you can handle, just give us a call.

A Burnt Smell – If your car has a burnt smell to it, but it’s not emitting smoke, you probably have a problem with your brakes. The smell could be coming from worn brake pads or rotors, or a seized up brake caliber piston. Integrity Automotive can definitely give your front and rear brakes a good look over to determine the cause.

If you smell a funky smell inside your car or under your hood, give Integrity Automotive a call today!