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We don’t need to tell you how important it is for your power steering to work properly. If you are having issues steering, or you’re hear troubling noises when you turn, you may want to get your car in for a steering and suspension inspection. Attempting to drive with the problem could cause damage to your vehicle, or put you in a dangerous situation.

There are numerous reasons why your steering may be inhibited. Here are some causes of power steering problems:

1. Low Power Steering Level – Just like the rest of your car’s fluids, your power steering fluid needs to be at the appropriate level for your car to run properly. If you are experiencing difficulty steering, the first thing to look at is the level of your power steering fluid.

2. Power Steering Leak – This problem goes hand in hand with the above issue, as the biggest culprit of low power steering levels is a leak.  Power steering fluid typically comes in one of three colors, clear, red or pink, so if you notice a puddle of those shades underneath your car, it would be best to get your car into Integrity Automotive for service.

3. Damaged Power Steering Belt – Your power steering belt drives the power steering hydraulic-fluid pump, which is turned by a pulley on the crankshaft. If the belt gets slack or wears down, the steering wheel may start to feel heavy or jerky. Typically the issue can be fixed by tightening the slack belt, or by replacing it altogether.

4. Bad Strut Bearings – If your wheel begins to wander or stray while you a driving, you might have a problem with your strut bearing or tie rods. This could be caused by a broken steering rack, so this is another issue Integrity Automotive can inspect if you think your car’s wheel is damaged.

Your steering and suspension is a vital part of your car’s overall health and functionality. If you want your car to stay in proper working order, the best thing to do is taken advantage of seasonal scheduled maintenance packages that we offer. It gives you a chance to receive a comprehensive check on your car’s overall status and see what needs to be repaired. We have a fall special going on during the month of October, as well as a deal on shocks and struts! Before time runs out, get your car in and get it repaired while saving big bucks at the same time!