Guide to Seasonal Pothole Care

November 27th, 2018 by

Avoiding Potholes Hitting a pothole with your car can cause a great deal of damage to your car, particularly to the tires and suspension area. Because of this, it’s very important to be cautious while on the road. Keep these tips in mind to help minimize vehicle damage: 1. Slow down The faster you’re driving

Clever Tips to Easily De-Ice Your WIndows

November 26th, 2018 by

Clever Tips to Easily De-Ice Your Windows We all know how much of a chore it is to wake up early in the morning after a large winter storm, and then go out to our cars to see them covered in ice. With the recent snow storm that passed, I had a situation where the

Thanksgiving Driving Tips

November 19th, 2018 by

Thanksgiving is literally in just a few days! Traveling for the holidays is probably one of the most difficult things you can do. Here are some great ways to keep yourself safe and use time efficiently while on the road. Consider Your Schedule If you’re driving for the holidays, avoid traveling on the Wednesday afternoon

Seasonal Maintenance Guide for Your Car

November 13th, 2018 by

Spring Monitor your fluids – For spring fluid maintenance, check the power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, windshield wiper fluid, and coolant. Top off anything that’s getting too low, and flush whatever systems are recommended by the manufacturer. And of course, take care of your regular oil change. Checks and balances – Check your tires to