Strategies for Keeping Your Car Clean

January 30th, 2018 by

Our cars are important to our lives. They take us everywhere we need to go, sometimes they even become a changing room or a spare bedroom, and even a place where we have long talks with the people we love. The car you own can serve you a long time if you take care of

A Comprehensive General Maintenance Checklist

January 26th, 2018 by

We depend on our vehicles for everything.  We need them to get to and from work, take the kids to school, pick up those same kids, run errands, leisure activities, traveling to see family, and more! Our cars play an integral role in society as well as in our lives.  On top of that, it’s

10 Great Gadgets To Add To Your Emergency Auto Kit

January 23rd, 2018 by

The ResQme Emergency Keychain The resqme emergency keychain features the ability to cut through seatbelts and even break car windows during emergency circumstances.  In places where ice fishing is prevalent, this item is a go-to for emergency situations.  It could be a life saving product to carry in your car if you were ever in

History of the Automobile

January 23rd, 2018 by

1901 Mercedes 35 HP It’s easy when we live in a conveniently modern world to forget how much we depend on technology.  While going through the motions, we use these advances so regularly that they have become integral to our lives. In those moments when we actually take a step back to realize what we

What is Integrity?

January 23rd, 2018 by

What is Integrity? The general definition of integrity is, “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.”  To have integrity as an individual, you are transparent and honest in everything you do.  You mean what you say; your word alone is like a promise.  You don’t have to make someone worry